The nearby tree-lined gallery, safeguarded for many years by the Relais de la Reine, has become a refuge for many species of birds from the region, which, hunted by frequent bush fires, find shelter, protection and food there.
Just a few steps from the hotel, you can already observe Hoopoes, Madagascan Rollers or Newton’s Falcons, even rarer specimens such as the Benson’s Blackbird, endemic to this part of the world and which is popular with nest in the corners of the roofs of the hotel …


There are at least 77 species of birds, 70% of which are endemic to Madagascar.
Among them is the Benson’s Rock Thrush – Pseudocossyphus bensoni, a species endemic to Isalo.

* Grèbe castagneux – Tachybaptus ruficollis
* Héron garde-bœufs – Bubulcus ibis
* Ombrette – Scopus umbretta
* Dendrocygne veuf – Dendrocygna viduata
* Canard à bec rouge – Anas erythrorhyncha
* Milan noir – Milvus migrans
* Polyboroïde rayé – Polyboroides radiatus
* Busard de Maillard – Circus maillardi
* Buse de Madagascar – Buteo brachypterus
* Faucon de Newton ou Crécerelle malgache – Falco newtoni
* Faucon concolore – Falco concolor
* Faucon pèlerin – Falco peregrinus
* Caille de Madagascar – Margaroperdix madagascarensis
* Ninox à sourcils

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