Hotel madagascar isalo brigitte spa

Le Relais de la Reine presents Brigitte Spa : A high quality prestation

Brigitte Rocfort, manager for several years to “Manea Spa” Spa of the five star hotel Le Tahaa/ Relais & Chateaux located in French Polynesia and has been awarded in several international magazines, including the “Robb Report’s”, you a full range of facials, body treatments and various massages..

These professional services are provided in the hotels since July 2006 and are highly appreciated by our customers. Brigitte Spa offers several packages or simple care, all of great quality.
Come discover our massages, facials, scrubs and wraps, give your body and fruit and sweet spices and spellbinding. Sensuality and relaxation are waiting for you, and allow hikers and travelers enjoy their stay in our facilities, and leave refreshed and relaxed. What could be better after a horseback ride or a trek in Isalo than a session at the Relais de la Reine Spa